The abnormal left and right spinal curvature typical of scoliosis often arises during childhood but could develop in later life, causing pain and limiting physical function. If you or your child experiences pain or dysfunction because of scoliosis, visit One Life Chiropractic in Katy, Texas. Highly skilled chiropractors Nathan D. Gomez, DC, and Brian Riggs, DC, use advanced treatments like Back on Trac from ErgoFlex Technologies to reduce scoliosis pain. Call One Life Chiropractic or request a consultation online today for effective scoliosis care.

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What is scoliosis?

If you have scoliosis, your spine curves to the left and/or right. The spine should curve in and out along its vertical path but shouldn’t deviate sideways as it does with scoliosis.

Nonstructural scoliosis is typically caused by muscle spasms, inflammation, or having different leg lengths. Treating the underlying cause corrects nonstructural scoliosis. Structural scoliosis is a permanent spinal curvature.

What causes structural scoliosis?

Structural scoliosis causes include:

  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome
  • Marfan syndrome
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Age-related spinal degeneration
  • Congenital abnormalities

Congenital abnormalities develop in the womb when the fetal vertebrae don’t form properly. Scoliosis may be evident from birth but often develops in older children. A child’s risk of developing scoliosis is higher if there’s a family history of the disease.

What problems does scoliosis cause?

Scoliosis often causes no problems. Children are sometimes unaware they have an abnormal spinal curvature and lead active lives with no ill effects.

However, the more severely the spine deviates, the more likely you will experience symptoms like back pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and fatigue. If spinal curvature is extreme, you may suffer from breathing or digestive problems because your internal organs are under pressure. You’re also likely to find physical activities challenging.

What treatments help with scoliosis?

Children sometimes need to wear spinal braces to stop the curvature from worsening as they grow, and patients whose spinal curvature exceeds 40° may require surgery.

Chiropractic care is often highly effective in treating scoliosis, both for easing pain and improving mobility. Chiropractic may also help reduce spinal curvature in some people.

Therapies One Life Chiropractic uses to treat scoliosis include therapeutic massage, muscle mobility and stretching exercises, and therapeutic ultrasound. The experienced chiropractors also use spinal decompression, gently stretching the spine vertically to ease tension and improve vertebral alignment.

The Back on Trac unit One Life Chiropractic uses is unlike a standard traction device where you lie on a table. Instead, you sit upright without needing a strap across your waist. This technique reduces the guard reflex your body automatically assumes when undergoing traditional decompression therapy.

If you or your child has scoliosis and it’s causing pain or mobility problems, call One Life Chiropractic or request an appointment online today.